Client Services

Permanent Solutions

Providing permanent staff whose interests are aligned with your needs can often be a key turning point in a company and it is something we have both seen, and experienced.

Miller Gold offer a holistic service where we not only provide direct placements but also services which can further compliment, reduce risk and improve efficiency in your business.

Focused on a no-nonsense and clear relationship between stakeholders in your organisation and our consultants, we aim for a seamless integration of our service, and these long-term partnerships with clients are similar to those we hold with our candidates. We develop an innate understanding of what the key factors for success are in your organisation and how that translates into your staffing and resourcing process.

Knowing the importance of what is often a strategic hire into your organisation we work with candidates for months or years and monitoring their career progression until that opportunity arises that meets their expectations providing you with the candidate you were looking for, and the candidate the role they were waiting for.